Steve Arch, funeral details

From Aileen Ryan, at Neg Earth:

Following the sad loss of our friend Steve Arch, who passed away on Sunday 27th [sic] January 2014, I am writing to confirm funeral arrangements are as follows should you wish to attend:

 The service will be held at 2.00pm on Wednesday 12th February 2014 at:

 St John’s Sub Castro Church
Abinger Place
East Sussex BN7 2QA

 Although there is parking available at the church, there is also another, larger parking area, in Brook Street which is a five minute walk away, this may offer easier parking due to the expected number of people attending.

 After the service, the wake is to be held at: 

Black Horse Inn
55 Western Road
East Sussex BN7 1RS. 

Please note that we have been informed that parking will be difficult as little space is available in the area,  however, there is a Council car park opposite which may offer some spaces.

If you would like to send a condolences card, please send to Neg Earth (address below) care of [Aileen], and we will bring them to the funeral next week & pass it on to his family. The family have also requested that flowers are looked after personally by the family so please do not send any. His son is going to choose a charity for people to donate to instead, I am still waiting on details of that but I will pass them on as soon as I have them if you would like.

Aileen Ryan
Neg Earth Ltd
Light House
Western Road
Park Royal
NW10 7LT
Tel: 0208 963 0327
Fax: 0208 963 0039


"This is Archie, signing off."


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