Webb Sisters in Belfast


Last night in St George’s church in Belfast, the Bodnarchuk Element had the pleasure of seeing the Webb Sisters perform.  For me, some songs were a blast from a recent past, (i.e. If it Be Your Will) and of course all were splendidly performed. Hattie and Charley are witty, engaging, and fun on stage. As a two-piece they deliver the goods fully and dynamically with guitar, harp, mandolin, and some percussion foot-trickery by Charley. As ever, their vocal harmonies were, to quote a certain Canadian singer/songwriter/poet, ‘sublime’.

The main set was around 80 minutes, and for an encore they took to the aisle — harp and two voices, no amplification — and serenaded the audience. I think my daughter (too cool for school) was rather taken with it. The church setting made it all the more special — like being transported back hundreds of years, to a time when strings and voice were all you needed for a bit of uplifting.

My son and I wanted to trash the dressing room and stuff oranges in the Webbs’ shoes, but Elaine wouldn’t let us.



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  1. danweingartner2152 May 4, 2014 — 9:38 am

    Nice post! You should have played “Guess what’s different in your dressing room”


  2. Glad you had the opportunity to enjoy the show and catch up.

    Are their shoes big enough for oranges??!

  3. nice post Leif ! We were also very lucky to see and hear the Webb Sisters a few weeks ago in Antwerp ! And before the show we met them backstage and spent a wonderful half hour with them. Indeed they are (as a great gentleman always says….) SUBLIME ! Big hug from your “glowing in the dark” girl Betty !

  4. They are indeed sublime. I have not yet had a chance to see them “solo” (does a duo count as such?) but Arlene may she rest in peace did see them oh 2 years ago or so in LA & had good things to say about that experience for the most part.

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