America: Civil War II

Hillary Clinton has won the American presidency. There is a global sigh of relief that Donald Trump has been denied the reins of the most powerful stagecoach on the planet. But only in defeat will the underdog Trump unveil his masterstroke.

With apparently nothing to lose, Trump incites an uprising. He and his supporters came so close. They were the chosen ones, denied by a corrupt Electoral College. He has already had good practice at whipping up fervour on a small scale – his rallies became increasingly turbulent, and his supporters ever more confident of support for their quick, violent actions.

State by state, civil unrest and violence erupts. Blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims are the first to take up arms against the organised mobs roaming streets and country. Jews and whites shiver, hoping to go unnoticed. But soon entire towns, and city neighbourhoods are vandalised, and insurance companies begin calling the Whitehouse.

President Clinton deploys the army on home soil, a move no American soldier wants to make. Here is where Trump’s mastery shows. In a countrywide broadcast, he speaks to every member of the armed forces.

His canary-yellow face bloats across TV screens like a cake rising in the oven. His words crackle through speakers turned up full: “PT Barnum said there’s a sucker born ever myinute. And I hate to tell ya friends, you – and your dads – and your grandfathers – you’ve all been taken for suckers. When? When has ANY American government fulfilled their promise to you? WHEN?”

In seconds, Trump has baited the hook. Soldiers know the roving militias have been stockpiling for years. Every American infantryman begins to imagine a guerrilla war of attrition, turning his guns on people he swore to protect. When the whole thing is over, people will have to live with their actions, be held accountable for a simple choice of staying alive. Even the youngest soldiers know the stories from Abu Ghraib, their brothers and sisters in arms, doing what they had to do to win for America… and the reaction back home.

Soldiers know that in order to win a conflict, you have to do terrible things. President Clinton would never openly allow ‘atrocities’. Someone will always have to pay. But Trump doesn’t believe in atrocities. He believes in getting the job done. Under Trump – democracy be damned – a soldier doesn’t need a conscience, only protection. Something Trump promises with open arms.



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