Take your dog on holiday, be a people-magnet

Family B went on a road trip, and we took the dog. We drove to, and stayed in Mountshannon, a County Clare village. While oot and aboot, Bandit attracted tons of attention. At motorway services, a woman approached me inside (Bandit was now out in the car with the kids) and said ‘I hope you don’t mind – I saw you outside with your dog and she’s GORGEOUS!’

In Limerick, I crouched outside a shop with Bandit while the others went inside. (I looked like a posh homeless guy.) A woman came by and fussed over Bandit while I tried to avoid looking down her top because I’m classy.

In a dog-friendly café, a man gave Bandit a biscuit and asked about her breed. Bandit’s dad was a deer hound character, the size of a small pony, and her mother a Chinese crested powder puff. There’s a bunch more stuff in this mutt.

My favourite people-magnet moment was a woman in the covered market. My son and I had Bandit while the girls were in a shop. The woman comes over, says Bandit is lovely, asks about her breed, and then notices my son and I are both wearing DMs. She tells us she loves DMs, but can’t wear them because she’s quite tall, and ‘I look like a bouncer in a lesbian bar.’ Alright then. Dogs rule.


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