Nerd Nite – 28 March 2019

Electric guitars: how do pickups work?

Micheal Linden is one-half of local company Amdusias Devices, specialising in hand made electric guitar pickups. Mick’s going to show us how the most common pickups are made, and cover topics like:

What do pickups actually do, and how do they do it?
Single coils and humbuckers – what’s the difference?
Wire gauge and insulation – how do they affect tonal properties?
Different magnet alloys – why?

Michael Lindon will show us how electric guitar pickups work

 The TR 808 drum machine – secrets of the circuit

Dr Kurt James Werner from QUB Sonic Arts Research Centre has been studying the technology of analog drum machines since 2011, and composes music with them. He’ll share his insights on the 808’s most classic sound: its bass drum.

Revealing trends in analog drum machine circuitry, Kurt will tell us what we’ve been asking ourselves all these years: “Why does the 808 sound so good?!”

Kurt James Werner will unpack the 808 bass drum

 Political Song in the Protest Movements of East and West Germany

David Robb, a senior lecturer in music at QUB, lived in East Germany in the 1980s. There he encountered German political songs for the first time, and later did a PhD on the subject. His books include Protest Song in East and West Germany since the 1960s (2007) and the forthcoming Songs for a Revolution: The 1848 Song Tradition in Germany (2020).

David Robb will tell us about German protests songs

Nerds Unite!
Come down to the Oh Yeah Music Centre at
15-21 Gordon Street, Belfast, BT1 2LG
Doors are 7pm, free entry, and yes, there’s a bar.


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