I went ahead and wrote another bloody book

I self-published another book:


an overthinker’s diary

getting through life when
social media makes everything stupid

It’s a diary/journal sorta thing, along the lines of No Ideas. This time it’s just me, and 52 days of thinking about where I am in life after quitting Twitter… again. (I swear it’s different this time.)

Ideally, it’s a companion for anyone going through life with a few of their own mental health questions, or as I like to say, a spaghetti mind. I think it helps to share experiences, and put your own into perspective. So naturally my big, shiny ego knew the world needed *me* to share my thoughts on eveything from social media, to grief, to the passage of time, to whatever else popped into my big head on any given day.

There’s stuff in @Mid-Life about the death of my parents, my mid-life crisis, and random humorous imaginations crammed in for fun. With a few actual expert quotes, and news sources to support my BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS, @Mid-Life is definitely the greatest book ever written by anyone with an EXTREMELY BIG GENIUS BRAIN.

Get it today, seriously, you don’t want to miss out on the most monumentous book of all time, even bigger than the Ben Hur script.

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