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Describe your persona  ::  Artsy-fartsy-in-the-head, with the body of a former indie kid who never dressed punk enough. A bit sweary, missing a few marbles.

Where are you from, and where has life taken you?  ::  Canadian-born, Norn Iron bred, married, two wee monsters. I fix guitars and amps for money, and I’ve learnt a lot about people after decades of working with bands, and living on the road. I could tell you stories about Leonard Cohen, Ash, Bloc Party, The Libertines, and a few roadies with more problems than me. I’ve been living in shitty flats, vans, tourbuses, airplanes and hotels since I was 19. Now I live in a platinum ice-fishing hut in Larne, and drive to the shops in a bubble car.

What are your politics?  ::  Inept do-gooder. I predict the Green Party will eventually eject me.

Where can people find your free short stories?  ::  I have stuff on Amazon, iTunes/iBooks, and Lulu.

Do you do social media?  ::  Don’t tell anyone… Facebook

Anything you want to add?  ::  What Viv Savage said.

Can people get in touch with you?  ::  Yeah, go for it…

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