The Soul Herald

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Urban fantasy. Real-life settings in a made-up world containing believable characters. Style-wise, it’s a departure from No Ideas and The Shaftesbury Miracle, so I took the pen name L.B. Keane in case I need to scorch the earth after I’m chased out of town.

Here’s the blurb…

War looms, and King Gohrmunt is powerless to stop a corrupt Parliament. Through narcotic visions, he looks for guidance from his past, present, and future.

One of the few people he can trust is Theena Kirris, an officer in the politically neutral Kannaldeltun. Her investigation into a murder begins to uncover a treacherous conspiracy.

Meanwhile the king has fallen for a commoner, Merra Thessilic, an unwitting conscript in a hidden war that could unravel the World.

Urban fantasy in an 18th century setting, The Soul Herald scratches the surface of a world in which the dead go on to keep fighting.

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