Things to Do in Wendover

This town straddles the state line separating Nevada and Utah. The hotel is in Utah. I’m staying here for around 12 hours before continuing to San Francisco. It’s sunny and dry. I’ve just come from Denver where the 5,000-foot elevation draws water from your body like a sponge. Oh and I’m hungover — wine and vodka. In Wendover where the elevation is 4,200 feet and the humidity is 25%, breathing feels like being wrung out. So what better way to exacerbate my condition than by strolling. I think I touched into Nevada. I quickly touched out. End result of my travels: veggie burrito, some shots of the local desolation, and some cocoa butter moisturiser. There’s a Subway near the gas station I got the burrito; looking forward to that later. We leave at 1 a.m.



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  1. Why are you in the States? Where are you off to? Are you on tour with someone?

  2. Nice pics, I do like a bit of worn-in Americana. Had a jaunt through Nevada’s outskirts many years ago and these pics take me back.

  3. Shit Leif if you get a moment give me a shout & we could grab a pint when you are LAish. You have my contact info.

    Great photographs BTW – the SW provides many interesting opportunities for same.


  4. The sky is beautiful – the rest of it is a little sparse!

  5. Leif, have a wonderful time. I travelled this area in 2004 and immediately felt in love with it (was visiting friends in Reno and L.A.) thanks for the images, really a strange place (I thought).

  6. Sylvia Apfelbaum May 15, 2014 — 1:06 pm

    ah, ps: sorry, that I didn t sign my previous post

  7. Not quite as picturesque as Wendover, Buckinghamshire!

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