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  1. Hi Leif, well your blog just broke the news of Carrie’s death to me. I so hoped and almost believed that she was going to be okay. It was consoling to learn of her death from someone who cared. I don’t do twitter, have an account but don’t know how to use it and whenever I do read something on twitter I can’t understand what’s being said. I’ve seen a little of what you are talking about on Facebook and it is annoying. I hate trying to express myself in writing. I always feel that what I’m thinking and feeling doesn’t come out right and maybe you don’t need any feedback but I always “enjoy” reading your blogs and if no-one ever responds how would you know. Maybe you only write for yourself, but I’m glad you share. Go well Leif. Susan

    • Thanks Susan. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That’s another strange thing about Twitter and social media in general: one just assumes everyone else is in the know. There are so many abbreviations, acronyms and in-jokes, it can be hard to keep up. I suppose aesthetically, Twitter can be an ugly form of communication.

  2. I was genuinely sad to find you no longer there. Yours was a voice of “good” lunacy coupled with the desperation of one surrounded by idiots – made me feel like I wasn’t alone.
    Still, I read this and I totally get it.

  3. What she said. It was nice tweeting with you Leif, keep it real.

  4. Christine Kelly June 4, 2017 — 10:35 pm

    I’m sorry you quit Twitter, though I completely understand why. I had to close my account & open another due to harassment – which I vowed I wouldn’t do at the time. Though, over a few months of being off radar I felt that while I obliterated ‘the baddies’ I also deprived myself of the laughter, love and support of the majority of my Twitter community. I just realised today that you’d left, because I finally caved in & bought a Kindle for holidays and discovered your book which I’d bought ages ago but without a kindle hadn’t got around to reading. I don’t know if you check your comments here Leif, and I’m quite sure public adulation isn’t high on your agenda. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to let you know how talented an author you are – and I am a prolific reader! I considered how I would review your book – Belfast Trainspotting crossed with the New Testament doesn’t quite cover it! Your frame of reference is spot on for our generation and as a person with faith in God but with mistrust of man made religion it spoke volumes to me. Keep writing – you’re gifted. And if you feel you can reconnect on social media in whichever platform suits you best, please do. After all, I wouldn’t have found your book otherwise 🙂 Christine Kelly (@LadyKBelfast)

    • Thanks Christine, you are very kind. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Sometimes I think of Twitter, and the word Shitshow arises automatically. I wonder what good it does for the world versus the time I wasted searching for some kind of recognition or justification. I obviously think too much 😀

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